55. Just an extra interesting post

10 May

So I just wanted to update my blog now that this semester will be finished tomorrow at 10am, and look what the last things in my dorm are… Kleenex and my bedding. (well other than shower stuff, clothes, and my toothbrush) Still, this just goes to show that this project has had a lasting impression on me, even if it is only a week after the due date! 🙂

Hope everyone has a safe trip home, see you next year! ❤

– Kayleigh



54. Review: The Tissue Review

26 Apr

This post is probably gonna be very similar to everyone else’s review directive posts, but you know what? I don’t care, because I feel like this is necessary as a cap stone to my project. Ever since the first day of class, when I checked into Curiousness on four square, and Will calling me out in front of the class asking who Kayleigh Glass was, I’ve enjoyed this class. Haha. I’ve been thinking a lot, and I think reflection on projects is very helpful for future endeavors and even for future curiousness class-ers, just kind of to see how someone that was finally done (well, almost) has felt after all is said and done… so here it goes.

The first week of classes, the project hadn’t even been explained or assigned to us, but my friend Nicolette who had taken this class last semester had given me a heads up that it was HARD, ANNOYING, and REWARDING, so I kinda had the mindset that I needed to own at this class. That didn’t and hasn’t happened yet — lol. As soon as I found out we were assigned Kleenex, I was automatically frustrated, I never use Kleenex, ever! We never even had it in the house as a kid… how the fuck was I going to advertise a product I had no knowledge about?!

My first week of posts was pretty easy, I did all the first fresh ideas that came to my head without worry — this was going to be so easy after all! … Yeah, no. Week after week drudged on, directives changed, deadlines passed, and I got further and further behind. I felt like I would NEVER finish — until I looked around at some of the other blogs that still had that annoying welcome page/post. This inspired me, I know that sounds horrible to be inspired by others lack of enthusiasm, but I still had a chance — I could still kick this project’s ass. For the rest of the semester I tried new things; I mastered removing the backgrounds and incorporating the new images into other images, I built a cartoon advertisement from like 12 different photos, I attempted to write over a song… I’ve done insane things without ANY training in this class, and it’s pushed my thinking WAY out of the normal box that I was in before.

Since beginning this journey, my family and friends have stepped in and morally and physically supported me every step of the way and I’m so thankful. My mother, grandmother, and great grandmother now all regularly stock Kleenex boxes in their bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms… my project has changed their habits and has improved sales of the brand wether I realized it throughout the duration of the project or not. I mean, I never bought Kleenex before, and since this project began I’ve bought at least 5 boxes alone. This project / class is Kleenex marketing in itself, I’ve heard so many people talking about those advertising kids and their tissues. HOW COOL IS THAT?

( Just a cool little Curiousness Brand summary that I created to include in my summary )

Over all if I could offer any insight to future post-ers; it would be to keep up with your work load, switch up your thinking and where/when you work, and most of all familiarize yourself with the product! You have to have passion in order for others to! Many of the class discussions also will spark your creativity — take them seriously! If you invest yourself into the project, the project will invest greatly into your grade — and career later on!


Good luck, if any of you need any help later on : glasska@vcu.edu


– Kayleigh

53. Review: Flag on the Play!

26 Apr

The first thing that came to mind when I thought of Review was obviously reviewing the class, the second though? Football. Nobody can ever think of football without thinking about how many times they fucking review the plays… this got me thinking about how necessary the superbowl is in advertising, and then got me thinking about flagging plays and the little flag that the refs throw. What if Kleenex created the flags as an ad initiative — durable Kleenex tissue flags. That would be just as impactful as commercials every 15 minutes. Sure everyone watches these hilarious clips between the biggest sports event of the year, but you see that little flag a damn lot more than you see Doritos commercials during that evening. The way that this post was truthfully thought of rather than just dancing around in my head was when I found out that for a while Kleenex made MEN’S tissues – what? Seriously though, what if the NFL partnered with Kleenex to create these flags? Maybe an ad would look something like this… starring my Eagle, Desean Jackson ❤ DON’T HATE!

– Kayleigh

52. Review: Interrupting your scheduled programming to bring music for your listening pleasure.

25 Apr

My Project 54 Playlist:
Throughout this project, music has played a huge role in the way in which I produce my work, come up with my ideas, and overall go about creating the finished project. Below is a list of songs and the posts that they came about during, and about half way through the project I decided my page needed some music… sooooo, here’s my final playlist, and the REVIEW of the songs included (; See what I did there?
Below are some of the songs that inspired posts, all the rest are just random songs I wanted to have more of a variety, and kinda sorta relate to Kleenex or tissues or emotion.

Jahova – Rusko

My roommate Aba is African and loves dub step, so that’s kinda self explanatory.(1)

Spiderman – The Distillers

This post was about Spiderman, so duh, had to add my favorite version of the Spiderman theme song.  (2)

School’s Out – Alice Cooper

This song is just the epitome of how I feel about school, Alice Cooper is amazing and so is summer/NOT being in school! (3)

Go With the Flow – Queens of the Stone Age

Queens of the Stone Age are always a part of my creativity playlists, and this just sparked my idea for water (due to the flow) and I immediately thought of plugging up Old Reliable. (4)

Ass Back Home – Gym Class Heroes

My boyfriend added this song to a playlist CD he made me, so this one had to be directed towards this post for obvious reasons. (5)

Running Up That Hill – Placebo

This song was playing in the video that inspired the post, also it aired in the episode of The OC that the post was based off of and all around is just a sad song. (6) 

Ghosts N Stuff – Deadmau5

This is the original song I changed, and I was in the gym running to it and that’s when I got this idea, haha, weird how they just hit you. (8)

Boyfriend – Best Coast

This song was actually thought of after the concept came in my car, coincidentally, this was the next song on shuffle and really got the idea into the conceptual stage. (14)

Let It All Out – Relient K

This song was chosen because its all about trusting other people, and understanding differences – kinda the root of this post. (19)

 I Miss You – Blink 182

This post is about a Kleenex-less world, wouldn’t we miss them? (26)

Honestly – Cartel

This post is all about wise words, and when I think of wisdom I think of Honesty… So Cartel’s song Honestly is a good choice. (27)

 1983 – Neon Trees

I don’t really have a good reason that this song inspired this post, but I’m gonna lie and say it’s cause it’s got a date as the title – lol. (33)

Tears Dry On Their Own – Amy Winehouse

This song reminds me of pretty much every sad movie involving relationships, so when I decided to do this post Amy was my number one choice to add to the playlist. (40)

 Bombs Over Baghdad – Outkast

Haha get it? BOMBS? Yeah. (42)

 Sitting Waiting Wishing – Jack Johnson

This song is a really just chill and relaxed, and I think of wishing for change when I hear it, and this is all about change. (43)

Wild Ones – Flo Rida

This song came on in the car on the way home from work and got me thinking about the Celebrity Box post (44)

 Let It Out – Starrdafu

This was the original song that played in the Kleenex Let It Out commercial, so I found it fitting. (49)

 Stay Together For the Kids – Blink-182

This song reminds me a lot of my childhood and the fights and stuff my dad’s disease has caused over the years. (50)

51. Progressive: Progressive – gressive = PROcrastination.

23 Apr

Okay, so this post is something that I’m pretty sure all of the students in this (and the other) class can relate to… not getting your shit done until the last day… this is my absolute LAST post, simply because I can’t figure out what to discuss in it… and up until now I kept thinking about what in the world I’d talk about, and how I’d relate it to Kleenex, Progressive, or anything really. Turns out, something I do quite often that is a HUGE homework no no turned into a beneficial topic for this post — PROCRASTINATION. In the time it took me to come up with this topic I; baked cupcakes, dipped pretzels, learned everything everyone’s posted about their lives on Facebook since midnight, and talked on the phone with Ashton for 2 hours about moving. Lord have mercy that’s it! What all I do OTHER than work on curiousness… I’m going with my gut on the opposite of progression!

Made  42 cupcakes:

Talked to my boyfriend:

Dipped tons of pretzels:

Stalked Facebook:

Fucked around with instagram:

Got on Tumblr:


50. Progressive: The Progression of an Idea… and eventually an idea.

23 Apr

I always start my posts with some sort of way I come up with an idea, or how this or that influenced this post, blah blah blah. Well lemme just say, I cant think of SHIT for this post… so I’m gonna tell you how I’m going to come up with my next idea for a progressive post… and shit.

Step 1: I always google the word… corny, but who gives a shit.

Step 2: Generic google of the word, and scroll down to where it suggests other google topics, and chose one that sounds kinda cool.

Step 3: I don’t know what the hell to do with Progressive Rock, so I’ll have to get back to you…

… okay I’m back, and I still have nothing OTHER than my dad, it took a little while to decide to go with this idea for a post topic because it’s something very sensitive and near to me, but, after deliberation I’ve decided to go ahead.

My dad was diagnosed with a disease called Multiple Sclerosis when I was about 5 years old, too young to remember any life before he became ill. All I really remember is that he wasn’t sick and then he came home from a work trip to Florida feeling like shit. I also remember he got me this big blue and pink Mickey Mouse shirt from this trip. I somehow have held on to it, maybe unintentionally, maybe fatefully, but for some reason it’s still around. Anyways, my dad is sick. Over the years I’ve watched his health dwindle down and my mother fall apart. Everything is stressful at my house all the time, and I hate to want to leave but it’s the only sanity I get when I’m up here at school or at Ashton’s house. I feel so horrible for not spending as much time with him as I should, but it’s just tough to see him falling apart. Mentally he’s still there, but it’s almost as if his body is falling apart around him, as M.S. attacks the coating of your nerves, delaying messages sent from your brain to the receptive nerves in your body. I’m not really sure how I got to this thought from Progressive, but my dad’s a huge progressive rock fan — a genre I will never understand personally, but whatever. Music was his life in high school, he worked all day to play all night in bands, at clubs, and in my grandmother’s garage (where he met my mother). My dad was a righteous guy and I feel like I share many common interests with him, or at least I did before M.S. Nowadays, he collects footage of every single concert of many bands including; The Stones, Led Zeppelin, They Might Be Giants, and many more. I’ll post a photo of his collection this weekend when I go home, but anyways, his collection is legit. He loves music, and even with his disease he still is able to enjoy life through watching concerts from the comfort of our living room.

This post doesn’t really have to do with Kleenex directly, yes. But I really don’t know what I’m gonna do when something happens to him, and that feeling — the feeling of distress and complete confusion without justification. I hate thinking of it that way, but I just really can’t imagine what I will do. Kleenex is there for you during tough times, or hysterically happy times, or times when your fucking allergies are acting up. I just know that sooner or later Kleenex are going to be a very big part of my life… wow this post really progressed into a depressing ass one huh? Thanks for listening guys ❤

http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=3&sqi=2&ved=0CIcBEBYwAg&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nationalmssociety.org%2F&ei=ZmiYT_GaGo616AH1x-mMAg&usg=AFQjCNFxR9myIkmrbA-gFs4hevluYHbJMg&sig2=QDdohGHW2uPR5TbbhrOYYg <;;– LEARN MORE ABOUT M.S.

^^ The Rock Concert library 🙂

– Kayleigh

49. Progressive: Adapting Creativity

23 Apr

For this post, I wanted to re-create a commercial we saw in class that showed a couch with people just talking and ‘Letting it out’ to a random stranger. On my drive home from work, back to Hampton, I saw this couch in the middle of a parking lot. I thought to myself, that would make such a cool photo. I edited in the Kleenex box, but think it kinda looks genuine, and then thought about another tag line I could use. This campaign launched everywhere (not just NYC) could be a really neat addition to the genius Kleenex has already started with this advertisement. The reason I added this to my progressive category, is because I feel that even sometimes great ads can become even better with a little progression and other creative mind’s collaboration. Also, this class as a whole has given me this conviction, so that in itself is a progressive act.

– Kayleigh

48. Progressive: Great Minds, Runny Noses

23 Apr

Mom and I were in Pier 1 this weekend apartment furniture hunting when all of a sudden we hear this woman and her son a few feet away. The little boy wasn’t probably but 3 years old and had a very runny nose, so his mom gave him a tissue. Immediately the little boy poked a hole into the corner and sticks his hand through… Ingenious I think, convenient and right at the hand of a child. Right then his mom scolds him for ‘ruining a perfectly good Kleenex’ and replaces it with a new one. The boy again did the same thing, and again his mom got mad at him but he didn’t care, he was bound and determined to have a convenient way to carry that tissue, and that gave me an idea to attach an elastic wristband to Kleenex for children, so they don’t lose them, drop them, or get to far away from them when that yucky sneeze comes along.

– Kayleigh

47. Progressive: Go with the Flo!

23 Apr

Characters like Flo in the advertising industry make a big impact on customers. The insurance agencies have it covered big time with this spunky lady repping Progressive (haha, get the directive reference?), the Geico gecko, and Allstate’s serious ass black man! Someone like this could do wonders for Kleenex as a brand, and for my visual thoughts I made a “Flo-Chart” of her if she were a Kleenex advertising commercial character… Figured progressive would spark some ideas, and this was the first one.


46. Social: NetWORKing Together

19 Apr

What’s something social that is incorporated into everyone in the world’s daily lives and has a really huge impact on the way we interact with one another? If you guessed the internet, good job, you’re correct. The internet links many different groups, people, and companies to each other, events, and even brands! This week I was thinking about how much the Project 54 Facebook really has helped me out with this assignment — from directive descriptions, to number of posts, to good quiz questions or updates on what we missed in class this page really adequately covers the class as a whole, and connects us in a way that classroom interaction cant simply due to numbers. It’s really kind of cool when you think about it. Kleenex is something that is universal, just like Facebook, or even the internet actually. The fact that we are in a generation and era that many people can preform daily career tasks from the comfort of their own home is astonishing to me, and I’m so lucky to be able to handle and understand this kind of technology because of the positive effects it has on my education alone. I’ve included some screen shots of ways these social sites have assisted me with my project, and overall, my life.


– Kayleigh